I am a knitter.


I grew up around knitting my whole life, since my mom and grandma knit, but I didn’t really get into knitting myself until I was almost 30. Inspired to knit a hat for my 16 month old daughter, Anna, my mom helped me get started knitting a little strawberry hat from the classic Ann Norling pattern. Within the month, I experienced a miscarriage, Anna had surgery to put tubes in her ears, and 9/11 happened. Knitting soothed my soul in a very profound way during that time, and by the time Anna’s second birthday rolled around, I had knit eight different little berry hats for each of her friends who attended her Berry Birthday Party. By that Christmas, I had knit my first pair of socks for my mom, and by time my second daughter, Grace, was born 10 months later, I could proudly knit and nurse simultaneously. I have been passionate about knitting ever since.

I especially love sharing knitting with others. At first, I just loved knitting things for other people, but my true love is teaching others to knit. I believe that knitting can be very impactful in people’s lives. I’ve seen it nurture people as they grieve and heal; I’ve seen it repair disconnected relationships; I’ve experienced it bring communities together. The simple act of working with needles and string can bring profound change to people’s lives–and I love instilling people with the confidence they need to just enjoy the act of knitting.

In addition to knitting, I love hiking, running, being in the mountains with my dog, reading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts, baking bread, taking pictures, smelling clean laundry fresh off the line, camping, and spending time with my family and friends. I live in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains with my husband, two daughters, one dog, two cats, and roughly 20,000 bees.