The Proof of the Power Within

I’ve said it enough that it’s beginning to just sound trite when I say it, but auctioning off these six shawls for charity really may be the best idea I’ve ever had. During each shawl auction, I felt so optimistic and buoyed by everyone’s feedback, by each share and like on Facebook, by each and every bid, and by the very feeling that I was at least doing something. I was so encouraged as I experienced first-hand the profound impact an individual can have in this collective world full of others.

Yes, I had the idea to auction my shawls; I did the knitting and photography; I chose the causes for each shawl to benefit; and, I wrote a blog post about each one. Yes, I did that.

But that’s where my role ended and the rest of yours began.

This idea would have never worked had it not been for the hundreds of people who paid attention, shared my posts, put in bids, won bids, and then donated the pledged winning amount to the chosen cause. If not for each of you, my idea would not have worked. Gratefully, my idea didn’t fail; instead, it took off–and for that I am so, so thankful!

Because of each of you, whether you won a bid or not, my six shawls collectively raised $1,460.


That money went directly to causes I now know definitively that I’m not alone in caring about: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, IRC, NRDC, The Trevor Project, and SUWA.

I am absolutely speechless with gratitude.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who participated in my Shawl Auctions, either directly or indirectly. This became so much bigger than just one person auctioning off six shawls because of the engagement from so many of you. In doing this, I have made connections, formed friendships, and felt support from a much bigger circle than I ever thought possible.

Perhaps I will do it all again. Or perhaps I will have another idea. Regardless, I am proud of what we all did together. Thank you.


by Shel Silverstein

All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

Layin’ in the sun,

Talkin’ ’bout the things

They woulda-coulda-shoulda done…

But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

All ran away and hid

From one little did.

Here is a recap of each shawl…

Our Call to Share:

$150 to Planned Parenthood by Maria, who gave her shawl to her mother-in-law, a woman who dedicated her professional life to helping women and children as a Pediatrician. I am so grateful to Maria for jumping into this journey first with me and getting this whole adventure started.


The Deepest Thing Inside:

$250 (plus a matching bid of $200 by me) to the ACLU by Marjukka, who after receiving her shawl, told me “I love it and it will always remind me what’s important.” It has made my heart happy to see Marjukka wearing this beautiful shawl since winning her bid.



At Its Essence:

$140 to the International Rescue Committe by Soley, who bid on almost every single shawl (I think she only missed one?!), and is the only bidder I haven’t gotten to hug yet, since she lives in Colorado–but she’ll get that hug soon enough!


The Utmost Care and Kindness:

$300 to the NRDC by Sheri, who extraordinarily bid on this shawl to give as a birthday gift to a very dear friend, a woman who has dedicated her life to advocating for and defending our environment on Capitol Hill. I am honored to be a part of their story.


Whoever You Are:

$220 to The Trevor Project by Stacy, one of the most passionate, active advocates I know. Everyone deserves to have her in their corner. It was perfect that her donation will benefit some of the most vulnerable in our world.





Requiem to the Red Rock:

$200 to Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance by Louise, who also bid on almost every single shawl and finally won at the very end. Her kind heart and connection to this place we call home made her the perfect grand finale to this amazing experience.


by Gary Snyder

the silence

of nature


the power within.

the power


the path is whatever passes–no

end in itself.

the end is,



not saving.


the proof

the proof of the power within.

Thank you once again, everyone!


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